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Toyota Teams With Ford To Make Hybrid Engine For Trucks and SUVs

Toyota and Ford are teaming up?what? We know, we were very surprised too. But, considering the two market giants have such highly-varied, complementary expertise and one common goal - to develop a rear-wheel drive hybrid system - the venture actually makes a lot of sense. While Japanese automaker Toyota brings to the table roughly 10 years of experience working with hybrid technology, the Blue Oval offers vast knowledge of the Pickup and SUV segments.

Toyota and the Blue Oval have already signed a memorandum of understanding, signifying plans to share their respective expertise and cooperatively build a new hybrid powertrain, especially…

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Toyota Motorsport GmbH Announces Big Plans for August 29

What's so special about August 29? Tri-State Toyota, serving the greater Dudley area will tell you. August 29 marks the day when Toyota Motorsport GmbH plans to break the current EV lap record at the legendary Nreburgring Nordschleife. Toyota's prerogative is, of course, to prove motorsports are just as exciting when their "green" as when their powered by the darker side of fossil fuels.

To achieve this admirable goal, Toyota has created a high-performance, battery-powered, two-seat EV. The Japanese automaker alleges that the EV supercar has already succeeded in beating the current 9:01.338 record lap…

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Toyota Plug-In Hybrid Delivers 36-Percent Better Fuel Economy Compared to Best-In-Class Diesel

With the 2012 Toyota Plug-In Prius fast approaching, there's no like the present to test the car's capabilities. And, that's exactly what Toyota is doing. In fact, the Japanese automaker has just released initial results from testing done with the cooperation of EDF Energy, in London.

While the demonstration isn't complete yet, interim findings show that London-based businesses and organizations participating in the three-year testing have logged an average journey distance of seven-point-three miles, an average speed of 17.7 mph, and an average recharge time of one hour and twelve minutes. Participants with access to…

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